What's the Relationship Between Article Writing And Internet Marketing

What’s the Relationship Between Article Writing And Internet Marketing

What's the Relationship Between Article Writing And Internet Marketing

When thinking about internet marketing, there are not many better tools for generating traffic than a well written article. If you need a simple way to reach your goals for more traffic to your site, than you need not look any further than putting words to word processor.


Writing articles that are rich in content and interesting to read will direct people to your offer. Good content will continue to draw readers who are in search of information that will assist them in understanding your niche.


You must get clear on what your goals are for the article though. Articles can be published on blogs, Ezone publishers, announcement lists, guest posting on other sites, forum, etc. All of these will accept a well written article that is clearly written and contains information readers need.


Follow a few simple guidelines and readers will show interest. Keep in mind, an article should be at least 300-500 words in length. Be careful with how many words you use. It has been generally shown by analytics that 300-500 word articles published frequently will show interest and consistency. 500-1000 word articles can show more authority in niches that require this kind of research.


Make sure you have the correct keyword density in your article. I use the Yoast SEO plugin for this. It lets me know how often the keyword appears in the article. Read recent articles that give insight to this factor in ranking science. Stay away from spammy, hammy, slammy type writing that does nothing to educate, but is clearly a manipulative contrivance intended to sell something. Search engines don’t reward this kind of writing and folks don’t like reading it.


Make sure your title is catchy and informatively accurate. The title can help you track its popularity and does much to let the search engines know what is to follow. There is more to this skill than just labeling what is in the article.


Keep yourself up to date with the latest search engine guidelines and keep your writing in line with current SEO principles. Remember, you are writing for humans, but must appease a mathematical algorithm. It is what it is.


Writing good articles that interest people or answer a problem with a well thought out solution will engage readers. A higher percentage of these readers will then click on to your site and possibly be interested in your product or service.


That’s how it works with articles. Write words structured correctly and people will reward you with further interest in what you have to offer.


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