The Ultimate Guidelines for Article Writing


The Ultimate Guidelines for Article Writing

The process of article writing can be challenging. An article is intended for different purposes. Depending on the publication, the article could be used for a newspaper, magazine or newsletter. When you are writing an article for a client, you have to read the instructions carefully. You must know your subject and your audience. In this article, you will learn the five ultimate guidelines on writing an article for any publication online.

1. Writing Titles

The appropriate title is necessary for any type of article. It should be a concise description of what can be expected from the article. In other words, the title should include the highlight of your topic. You can use adjectives to enhance the title. You have to make the title is interesting in order to catch the reader’s attention. An uninteresting title will not attract many readers.

2. Topic Sentences

You have to clearly understand the purpose of the article. You need to ensure the unity of ideas in the paragraph. You can start by creating a topic sentence, and then the remaining sentences should revolve around the idea of the topic sentence. Normally, the topic sentence is placed at the beginning of the paragraph, but it doesn’t have to be always there.

Sometimes, the topic sentence is placed in the middle or at the end of the paragraph. It could be placed anywhere in the paragraph as long as the sentences flow perfectly. Nevertheless, placing the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph will allow the reader to understand the main idea of the paragraph right away.

3. Planning an Article

In order to be good in article writing, you must learn how to create an outline for the topic that you are going to write about. Having an outline will help you work on your article with ease. The outline can also help you stay focused in the main topic so that your article will have cohesion.

First, write the main subject. And then, think of the main points that you want to include in the article. Next, use these main points in your topic sentences and write them down in order. After writing your topic sentences down, you can now complete your article by adding supporting details on each topic sentence. It is now easier to complete your article.

4. Research

The primary goal of research in writing is to find enough information that will supplement your article. You can analyze the details and determine which are most valuable to your readers. With proper research, you will have plenty of details about your topic and as a result you can produce high quality articles.

5. Conclusion

Your conclusion should restate the main idea of your article. You can write the conclusion in different ways. Depending on your goal, it should instruct, persuade, call for an action or leave a provocative question.

So, there you have the ultimate guidelines in writing an article. The process of article writing can be tough at times, but it can be easy for you if you follow the guidelines above.

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