How to Go From Terrified to Terrific With Article Writing

How to Go From Terrified to Terrific With Article Writing


How to Go From Terrified to Terrific With Article Writing

An effective marketing strategy must include the use of writing and submitting articles. These must be delivered to targeted visitors. If done, this marketing strategy can increase rankings and boost sales.

So it is that sometimes this task becomes arduous and onerous like those times you had to write a high school or university essay. The memories associated with those events often deters website owners from writing their own content. It takes time to write an article and sometimes internet marketers and business owners just don’t seem to allocate the time needed to do this each day.

However, there is good news. All it takes a learning a few basic steps and the writing will get done. There are even ways to dictate your articles to your phone and have somebody else transcribe the content into a publishable document. Getting an article done can actually take place while driving to your next destination.

One of the largest issue to overcome and one that I am constantly talking about with my clients is the creation of new ideas for content. New ideas for me, come from many sources. That’s one of the great things about being a writer. Ideas come from random places during the day.

Of course, the easiest thing to do is write about what you have known and experienced. You can write about things you are interested in and combine this with the content you are writing for a customer. Since you already have a knowledge base in some area, it is just a hop, skip, and jump over to the original content you are writing from your base of knowledge.

If you are talented in some area, think of ways that subject area can influence, impact, or add to the content you are writing. Talented people are often shocked with the questions inexperienced people ask because to them, the answer is obvious.

After you have decided on a general area of writing, a very effective way to narrow this subject down is to think how a certain demographic may have trouble in this area. Try to focus in on a “pain point” that some section of the population might experience. Such as, people who ski have trouble finding places to ski in the summer or people who have diabetes don’t have a good medical solution. Think of what they need and fulfill that need.

Listen, people read articles because they want to learn something or they want to be distracted from reality for a while. That is the basis of entertainment. Did you know the word amusement simply means “to not think?” Muse means “to think.” When the Latins put the letter “a” in front of something, it negated whatever followed. So, to “amuse” means the opposite of thinking.

So, write something that causes people to think about something other than what they think about all the time. Amuse them. Or cause them to be amused.

Writing something that is entertaining is another set of skills that has to be developed over time. Catchy titles, pithy sayings, and amusing anecdotes can be inserted to strategically make a point.

Should you choose to write an informative article, it can be as uncomplicated as sharing from your own life something you have experienced, learned, or put into practice. You want the reader to gain value from what you are writing and you must always keep in mind you are writing for their benefit and not your own.

If you don’t have any idea what questions people are asking in the niche you have chosen to write about, then go to the forums related to these niches. Look at the questions people are asking. See what subjects the questions centralize around. Decide what their knowledge defecit is and write an article answering that lack of knowledge or understanding.

This is why you see articles such as “The 3 Most Often Asked Questions in the Field of Artificial Intelligence,” or “5 Ways to Safely Wash Your Blue Jeans.” Do you think these authors are personally experienced with artificial intelligence or washing blue jeans. Some of them may be, but for the most part the writer did some research and found out what information people are searching for and wrote an article giving them that information. Simple.

Don’t worry. After you write some articles the task will not seem as troublesome or daunting. You just might find yourself getting into what you are writing and end up enjoying yourself. Keep working at it and you might just find you have a new talent.

Good luck!


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