Doing Fast Quality Articles the Right Way

Doing Fast Quality Articles the Right Way

Doing Fast Quality Articles the Right Way

21st century writing involves a highly competitive market and competition is obvious in the area of fast quality article writing. Writers of articles have to be able to produce high quality content quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, for the person responsible for producing this content there is a method that can be followed to produce it.

At the very core of any article is the fact that it must be organised. Essentially, this means the article should start with an introduction to the subject. This introduction makes the subject known right off the bat and each successive paragraph must support the original idea/thesis. There must also be a heading toward a conclusion that is clearly stated at the end of the article. (It’s the essay writing structure we all learned in the ninth grade)

Using this format allows the reader to understand there is a structure and that the writer is going to systematically lead them through the information to a definite conclusion. This structure allows the writer to present information in a systematic way that avoids confusion.

Good articles have to be produced quickly. We are not writing the next great American novel here. We are presenting definite information intended to assist the reader to draw conclusions and make decisions regarding their own reason for seeking out the article.

Understand that fast article writing takes practice. In the beginning, you may want to flood the article with information that covers many different issues and a variety of population demographics. However, this will make the article too long and the reading will become laborious.

The sad truth of readers on the internet is that most folks have an attention span of about 8 seconds. A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds. So, getting information through the eyeballs and into the brain of an internet surfer doesn’t have any time to mess around!

In the final analysis, the key to writing an article quickly stems from a profound and deep understanding of the niche. If you understand and know the niche/topic, the words needed will flow like water.

The writer of an article sits in the seat of the expert. The frame of reference and the “voice” being used must be one of authority and knowledge. This is the basis of the authenticity and honesty of the content.

Readers must intuitively know that the person writing the article knows what they are talking about and can be trusted to share information that will help in educating or leading to a buying decision.

Because of this authority, the writer takes on a great responsibility to present information that is true. Exaggeration and the use of exclamatory remarks must take second place to active voice and the accurate presentation of the facts.

Best advice…

Keep it simple.

Tell the truth.

Shame the devil!

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