Can An Article Writing Service Help a Virtual Assistant Business

Can An Article Writing Service Help a Virtual Assistant Business?

Can An Article Writing Service Help a Virtual Assistant Business

Hiring a virtual assistant is a cool thing to do. It is a useful option for busy people who need tasks taken care of while they focus on business building. It’s great for “work at home” people.

Often, people who choose to do this will create a one page website that is essentially their business card. The site will have a picture and a resume that tells the whole story. They might include an “about me” page, rates per hour/project, services offered, and of course…contact information.

Unfortunately, like most people they allow the website to linger in a dessert of low ranking, no traffic, and no indexing. I wonder what they are thinking. They just think people are now going to race to get to their information because after all, they built a website didn’t they?

Virtual Assistants around the world sometimes get traffic by connecting themselves to a larger company. This company will then make them part of their supply pool of talent. This is great for getting clients, but it also taps into their income. The company is going to take a piece of the pie for marketing, accepting payments, and providing steady work.

There is another way.

The way to get traffic is to make videos about who you are and publish articles you have written about the niche. Virtual assistants are usually verbal and linguistic and have to deal with language situations. Why not get to work writing articles that express your expertise in an area. Tell the potential customer what you know how to do by writing articles.

You can write about being a customer service representative or how you organize your day as an assistant at home. You can explain how you would organize emails and prioritize the work load. Do you know anything about accounting or bookkeeping? Write about that.

After doing the writing, publish these articles on article sharing sites in the appropriate categories. Put your “author bio” box at the bottom of the article. Folks will read your article and determine you are knowledgable. Very possibly, they will then click on the highlighted link to your resume page and your off to the races.

Don’t worry about the article sharing part. It’s the easiest part of the process. You write the article and submit it to article directories. Use a search engine to find them. There are too many to list here.

You may encounter competition. That’s the way of the world. But, don’t let this prevent you from starting. Get your words out there. Get your name out there. Somebody will see it.

Use free traffic to build your business. Later on, after you are making money you can buy some advertising if you want. But, for now article writing is the way to go.

You can impress a potential client or employer with your writing skill, your expertise, and your marketing professionalism.

Good luck!

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