Can Article Writing Get Me More Newsletter Subscribers?

Can Article Writing Get Me More Newsletter Subscribers?

Can Article Writing Get Me More Newsletter Subscribers?

Unequivocally, irrevocably, without a doubt article writing can get you more subscribers to your newsletter.

Website owners and key players work hard to get subscribers to newsletters. These newsletters are important because they give value to the subscribers and essentially, keep them clued in to the workings, changes, and latest news surrounding their chosen niche.

The goal, of course is not to work harder getting these subscribers, but to work smarter. So, here is a great idea for you to gain the number of subscribers you want and need.


If this idea is new. Then try it out. I have found it works. Information and a great deal of it is one of the keys to getting people to know, like, and trust your brand/product/service.

Article writing and accurate submission of those articles to article sharing directories will get your thoughts in front of a variety of people. This is good. You want this.

Give your target demographic free information by publishing a great many articles. Provide value by providing information.

Every last one of the articles you write and publish will have your personal author bio at the bottom of the article. If you have a link in that bio back to your website, the folks can click on that and make their way back to your main source of content/product/service.

Here is a link to a free author bio template from Hubspot. You can also get a free download of 80 professional bio templates, tips and examples. Your welcome!

So, time to get to work. Be the author you have always known you could be. Write some content. Give value. Inspire the world. It will compel people to find out more about you and your product or service.

A percentage of your readers will sign up for your newsletter.

And, that is a good thing.

Good luck in your article writing and your marketing efforts.

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