Article Writing: Reasons Why Discipline is Required for an Effective Writing Strategy


Probably the hardest thing writers have to do is actually sitting down and doing the writing. I personally have grown better at this over the years, but if one has a great many distractions in one’s life, then doing the work gets to be a problem.


Time management is necessary as part of an impactful writing career. Procrastination is the enemy. Don’t try to fight it though. Just do what is necessary for those things that are distracting you. Do them. Get them out of the way so your mind is clearly set on your writing tasks when you finally sit down.


Most everything we think or do is born from one of two different underlying emotions/motivations. We either move in fear or we move in love. Fear can cause us to never attempt a subject or an article that may be new. The fear can be crippling. Love of the work and love for your client will compel you to get the work done. By love, I don’t mean some over exaggerated and emotional sentimentality, but just a heartfelt compelling notion that motivates you to do the work.


Discipline is important. Without the ability to get the job done, things just begin to fall apart. Everyone struggles with this. Even the great Mark Twain had to make himself sit down every morning and just write words. It didn’t matter if the words made sense or were not part of the book he was presently writing. He just wrote words. What he found was that something pertinent to the storyline would present itself during the writing.


Discipline will serve as a guide. It is also a lucid leader. The mere act of the work of writing will produce creativity and give you ways to present the details of your story/article. A disciplined mind gets things done easily.


Discipline also increases the readability of a story or article. The lack of focus in the mind will show itself on the page. Short expanses of focus and attention will result in short, choppy, disassociated sentences.


It takes just as much discipline to kick thoughts out of the article as it does to include ideas. There are many things to think about. The mind is a never ending consortium of ideas and creativity. We can build “castles in the sky” with our thoughts. It will take a goodly amount of discipline in thought to not over crowd the writing with too many free floating ideas.


Writers must discipline themselves to include thoughts necessary, but must also be able to let go of things they think might be fantastic or somehow increase the readability by some contrived mechanism. The overuse of exaggeration, metaphor, or adjectives that do not move the story along can end up bogging the writing down and leading the reader away from the central idea.


It is always best to stay on course and sticking to the matter at hand. Topics or issues that are off the main course of the article must be avoided.


Remember that the objective is to write, finish the article and get it posted. Entertaining any thought that leads you away from this will hurt you in the long run.


Discipline is important.


It is the engine that makes the writing go forward.

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