How Article Writing Can Increase Forum Participation

How Article Writing Can Increase Forum Participation

How Article Writing Can Increase Forum ParticipationMaking a forum interesting and being a good moderator of that forum are interesting challenges. It will take work and that work will need to happen every day. Keep your faith up and your efforts will pay off.

Understand that this process will take time to attract interest and ongoing participation.There are ways to boost the popularity and meaningfulness of your forum. You don’t necessarily have to spend a great deal of money.

Here is my favorite way to gain traction and get participation. Publish articles!

If you are not familiar with article publishing and sharing, it is a system that allows you to publish articles for free on many thousands of websites around the internet. They will publish your article for you. Put your author’s bio at the bottom of the article, put a link back to your product or service and you are in business.

You see, the owner of the website is in constant need of fresh and relevant content. So, when you publish your article on that site, you are giving them one more chance to get traffic. You both get what you need and that is exposure.

Understand there are two ways this process will benefit your forum participation. First, when you place your link to a forum in the bio box, people can find your forum and begin making comments or submitting questions. Second, you can provide a link to every page of your forum. If you have a great many pages, then your site will begin to develop more links. This is a good thing.

As you gain links, the search engines may determine you are more important. This will get you more organic and real traffic.

So, it’s time to write an article. Choose a topic relevant to your niche and begin doing the research. Take a look in the forum you are managing and determine a subject being discussed. Possibly you could write an article answering questions found in the forum.

You might want to consider creating an author’s resource box. This area is a place where you can offer things to your potential forum participants. Create an incentive for joining. Give this some thought and don’t disregard it. That initial contact and what you offer is very important.

Write and submit some articles. There are many lists available of article directories with high domain authority and good traffic.

Remember this: Articles submitted today will be around for folks to read for a long time. They have the potential to create an ongoing, steady stream of forum participants.

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