3 Things to Do to Get Started With Article Writing

3 Things About Article Writing You Wish Your Professors Had Told You

3 Things to Do to Get Started With Article Writing

Are you experiencing some trouble getting started with article writing? One of the hardest things to do is actually sitting down and doing the work of writing. It’s ok. From time to time, everybody has a difficult time with knowing what to write about and where to start. Article writing is an important part of marketing, so it will be important for you to have a plan when this happens to you.

If you have an outline you can rely on, then the time it takes for you to get started will be less. Having an outline will provide a foundation from which to work yourself out of a slump in creativity. It will provide a starting point and a structure to your articles. Ultimately, you will be able to turn out more articles if you have an outline.

Use Your Wits and Brainstorm

To begin making an outline, you will have to brainstorm. Use a marker board, a computer notepad, or whatever makes it happen for you. Set up a time when you will dedicate 30 minutes to coming up with new ideas for articles. You are not trying to create a formal activity here. If you feel more at home jumping in an old truck and driving down the road while listening to your favorite music, then do that. The idea is to put yourself in a situation that is completely opposite of a restrictive work space. Go to the place where you can feel comfortable enough to think new thoughts.

Create the Outline

As you make the outline for a new article, recognise the purpose of the article. Who cares if you write this article? What is the target market? Identify the key points of the article. After you have the key points, then you will have to provide ideas for supporting those key points. As the material presents itself, the outline will expand and you will begin to see how many words will be needed.
Outline your paragraphs, otherwise known as the body of the article. As you reach the end, you will have to create an ending or conclusion. The conclusion should bring the article to an appropriate close while restating what the article subject was about.

Do the First Draft

After all this preliminary work, you should have enough content to begin the first draft. The draft should be like the brainstorming session. Write. Just write the content. It doesn’t have to be correct or be in the final version. This is your chance to just get the thoughts down. No one is going to read it. So, quit worrying about its style, grammatical structure, and flow for now. All that can be corrected later. As you do these things, you will begin to see the article take shape.

Keep referring to your outline and stay within its parameters. You will have a tendency to move away from the outline because that’s what creative people do. Things are always in a state of flux with creatives. That’s ok. Recognise it and try to stay within the outline. If you are trying to write a great many words in one day, then you will find that staying with the outline will help you save time.

As you practice the ideas in this article, you will begin to see your writing will improve and your productivity will increase over time. Be gentle with yourself. It will happen. I know this because I have been through the process myself.

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