Obstacles To Growth

Obstacles To Growth

Obstacles To Growth

Two obstacles to growth for the childhood years are malnutrition and obesity. A lack of proper nutrition during these years can have lifelong affects on the development of personality and cognitions. There is evidence that children given proper nutrition during these years are more active, more involved, more helpful with their peers, less anxious, and happier.

Good nutrition can also have a profound impact on cognitive development over the entire lifespan. According to Http://www.care.org the following are the causes of malnutrition in the world; Famine, Poverty, Digestive disease, malabsorption, depression, anorexia nervosa, diabetes mellitus, fasting, coma, alcoholism, drug addictions, fat, sugar, over populations and food processing. It has also been found by research that undernourished children can exhibit more aggressive and hyperactive behavior. The WIC program here in America has done much to prevent malnutrition. Parents can be careful to provide balanced meals and enroll in government assisted programs if finances are an issue.

There is a stadium in Chicago that now seats less people because when it was renovated, the builders had to install larger seats to accommodate the American posterior. Consequently less seats are in the stadium.

Americans are getting more obese and so are children. The lifestyle of a child has changed over the last twenty years. Instead of going outside and playing, a child can sit in their room with their friends and play video games, talk on cell phones, and create untold imaginary worlds on a computer. The daily lifestyle of the child is more sedentary.

This obesity is having a measured impact on blood pressure, blood diseases, and the social issues that arise as a result of being fat in a thin loving culture. The self esteem of many children who are obese is low. This feeling of low self esteem in turn affects the child’s performance in academics and social adjustment. Parents can provide only well balanced meals for the child. It might also be important to deny them various types of food they may request. Being willing to say no to a child may be helpful.

The psycho-sexual changes that are taking place during the adolescent years are significant. This is the time when the person is leaving childhood and entering into adulthood. Experiences with the opposite sex become important and the beginning formulation of an identity has begun. Who they are in terms of what section of society they belong to becomes key. This time of gender defining, social interaction can have lasting effects. Parents can have a profound influence on the adolescent’s attempts to define themselves. Listening, providing mutually acceptable times together that create intimacy, and offering non judgemental responses to questions is helpful.

Coming to a conclusion regarding a choice of career is important at this stage of development. There are many possibilities presenting themselves to the adolescent. Allowing the teenager to attend career days at various companies, visiting businesses, being encouraged to have conversations with other professionals or craftsman can be helpful with this. Talking to the school counselor and taking a set of psychological examinations may be helpful.

In adulthood, there are two obstacles to growth that can be suggested. One obstacle is the gradual tendency towards death. This obstacle afflicts us all and can be delayed, but not stopped. Some of the things humans can do to forestall the advent of this phenomena is to drink lots of water, eat healthy food, breathe good air, have good friends, accept love from family, and keep the mind creative and stimulated.

The other obstacle to growth in adulthood is a negative psychological and phenomenological orientation. In other words, the way we think in this life is how we will be. It is important to remain positive, substantive, and able to find meaning in our existence. A negative orientation can be overcome by finding some purpose, destiny, or spiritual task to do. From the doing of a task, meaning may be derived and a sensation of value be ascribed to a life.




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