Emotional Evaluation

There are times when you find it hard to identify what you really feel. You do not know if you are irritated or angry or something much worse than that. People’s emotions can become too confusing at times and for this reason, it is a must that you learn to evaluate your emotions, which is exactly what will be discussed in this chapter.

Ways to Evaluate Emotions

You feel messed up and instead of doing something to figure out the reason behind this, you just resort to telling yourself that life is really unfair and you are a terrible person. However, not being able to distinguish between your negative emotions and letting them lump together to form into a miserable mess can actually lead to great deals of emotional stress based on the latest study.

Experts state that those who find it difficult to distinguish one emotion from another usually have a sense of unpleasantness in general. If you cannot differentiate your emotions, you will find it harder to act in the appropriate way.

For you to get to the bottom of what you are truly feeling, there are several things that you can try to get your emotional knots completely untangled.

Give yourself some time out. Every day, try to allot some time for decompression. Take note that you have no capacity of reacting properly to a certain situation when you still carry the emotions of the earlier time in your day.
You can try training your emotional brain. Not all people have the ability of identifying their emotions that are more nuanced but you can at least try honing your skills by starting with what you can. Try identifying your emotions beyond what is unpleasant. Is it guilt? Anger? Or shame? Simply asking these questions can already help you in pinpointing your angst.

Write things down. When you find it hard to identify your various emotions, try to jot down your feelings. Patterns will start to form that can help you in differentiating one emotion to another.

Check your gut. Are you reacting to a physical sensation or to an emotion? When doubtful, rule out the physical causes of your feelings such as hunger and lack of sleep.

Take a stroll. You probably think that your busy day is over once you walk out the door but if you still have a racing pulse, chances are your emotional state is still controlled by your physiology. Taking a walk is the best choice when it comes to emotional regulation. This directs your attention inward, helping you to refocus.

Clean up your clutter. Having a clean and tidy space will be able to help you focusing your thoughts where they are required to be. Mental or physical clutter can both add to your overall sense of disarray. If you find it hard to focus, the mere act of cleaning and its result will be able to help in clearing your mind.

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