Brainstorm Other Responses

There are instances when you do not know how to react or respond to a certain situation. Should you be angry? Should you resent? Should you be happy or satisfied? When facing a difficult situation, it is important that you brainstorm the different responses that are available for you in order to handle things properly.

Choose Your Emotional Response to Situations

Conflicts will always be a part of your life. At times, these conflicts take place just when you least expect them. But remember that all conflicts can always be resolved when handled and dealt with properly.

The process of conflict resolution should actually start with controlling your emotional response. Some people might say that they react that way because they can’t help but the truth is, self control is more than possible.

During difficult situations, you and you alone have the power to choose your responses. There might be occasions when you will lose control. This is pretty much understandable but at the end of the day, you need to simply accept responsibility for your response before you work to keep yourself under complete emotional control from that specific point forward. You have to set the example that others can follow.

Since the emotional system of humans takes majority of its input from the external sources, you might as well influence other people to control their emotional state at the same time. When brainstorming your responses, you must not only deal with your own response but also set the tone for others to follow as this can lead to a better environment around you.

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